Episode 7

Published on:

31st Oct 2021

A meta view on Personal Development Ecosystem

In this introductory episode, we ask some questions and explore some meta-views on what is a leadership or personal development ecosystem.

What is the benefit for us? to society at large?

Who are we when we address the notion of a development ecosystem?

How does it relate to larger life questions and our relationship to the planet?

I simply wanted to share initial perspectives and views on the topic. if it speaks to you, resonate in one way or another let me know and we'll expand, clarify, adjust, further explore these questions which I believe is at the root of leadership at a larger scale.

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A small shift in perspective makes a world of difference. This sound space has been created to serve our clients as an extension of our coaching and supervision work together. Here, we learn, appreciate, and demystify the craft and impact of effective developmental coaching for leaders and coaches alike. Our passion for the quest of being human unites us to dive into big and small topics.

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Laurent Vuibert

I am a Leadership and Developmental coach for individuals and Teams.

I partner with brilliant human beings, leaders and founders of fast-growing companies with a strong societal vision for the community they serve.

In the last ten years, I had the opportunity to support the largest Tech Unicorns in South East Asia and learnt to refine how to support rapid transformations in complex and rapidly changing contexts at the individual and systemic level and appreciate the importance and necessity of authentic leadership, of confidence in self and courage.

When you partner with me and my colleagues you get access to an environment designed from the ground up for leaders in life, whether you are leading teams or coaching people, passionate about developing and understanding yourself and others to build a world you want to live in.

Here together, we learn to look, witness, reflect, dissect, unpack and surrender ...to what's going on under the surface of things. We'll explore and help you integrate frameworks and perspectives to your stories with the sole purpose of learning to learn about yourself .... to deeply trust your capacity to lead and build everyday.